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Auditorium 900

The School of Business presents CEOs' Engagement Series dubbed " The life journey of an entrepreneur - Godrej Ghana in Perspective.

Auditorium 900
SHS in Ghana
UCC SMS Auditorium

The School of Business has instituted a programme dubbed ‘Chief Executive Officers (CEOs’) Engagement Series’ where CEOs from various institutions are invited to speak to students and faculty members as a way of motivating and developing their entrepre


The 9th Universities, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in Africa online conference is being organized within the BET Ghana project hosted by the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprises Development (CESED).

CoDE Conference Room, Top Floor CoDE Building

Manipulating LIBOR and Other Reference Rates: Quantifying Bank Profits from Interest Rate Derivatives Trading

This study seeks to quantify the extent of bank profiteering from reference rate manipulations in interest rate derivatives trading. It shows that the number of profits earned, and the behavior engaged in to earn these profits indicate a level of intent and financial impact beyond that previously demonstrated in the literature.