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Support from the School of Business to Students

During the award of the maiden scholarship, the Dean, School of Business with approval from the School of Business Development Fund Board allocated an amount of One Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢100,000.00) to support students from the School of Business. In total, fifty-six (56) undergraduate and postgraduate students who met the requirements were supported with full tuition and partial tuition fees. This was made up of 53 full tuition fees for undergraduate students and three (3) part-tuition fees for postgraduate students. The breakdown of the students and the amount given is tabulated below:

Departments Undergraduate Postgraduate   %  Amount 
Accounting          23             1  42.8    37,201
Finance          15            -  26.8   22,305
Human Resource Management           3            -   5.4   4,461
Management           8            -  14.3   11,896
Marketing and Supply Chain Management           4            3  10.7   11,948
Total           53            4 100 GH¢ 87,811.00